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Expert Sessions Online

Today's way for startups to rethink business strategy and improve investors` readiness. 


The world is changing into something unknown!

You need to adapt and re-create a new story for this new world. 

But, is this a good time to be creative? To think about strategy?

To reinvent a funding story?

My answer is YES to all! 

Now is a great time for founders and CEOs to adapt, to take some time to refresh and EXIT YOURSELF


Join me to rethink your business strategy, reinvent your customers' sales story, empower your used  investors' pitch, and refuel yourself and your team. 

With me as your guide, you can shine and lead during change. Exit the old, and start the new. 



I am the founder of Exitory, a strategy & storytelling consultancy for startups, working with over 150 clients on crafting their world-class storytelling. 

I used to be a VC Partner, investing in top Israeli technologies, ex-startup CEO, a Business VP at multinational companies - including Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom - and a Wework Labs mentor in residence.


My career had me listening to hundreds of founders' presentations. Most were stories that missed the point, did not inspire, or under-sold their value.

I am dedicated to changing this for my clients.

What I'm offering

I offer tried and tested, bulletproof, and founder-friendly professional online consulting.

I will join you online to refresh your business thinking and decision making today, and together open a window to exit into a future you aspire to.


What can be achieved, fast?

  • Immediate startup-case diagnosis 

  • Fastest strategic insights, cross company 

  • Instant creative ideation, for product services and messaging 

  • Board-level simulation, and meeting rehearsals 

  • Task prioritization, actionable items, and motivation tools  

  • Communication clarity with various stakeholders  

  • Execution progress monitoring, fine-tuning KPIs 

Why buy the cow, when you can simply pay for a glass of milk?

Why pay for expensive strategy consulting projects, when you can simply buy  brain-power, by the hour?


Professional guidance in these times is critical for business continuity and success. Yet, pulling this off alone is not a simple process to master. 

I will personally guide you and your team to pivot your mindset in the most efficient and effective manner, rethink business decisions together, and find creative inspiration within, despite the environment’s sentiment.

Book Your Online Session

to introduce and articulate the needs and scope

Only for new clients, for their first time

Good for focusing on a single area and developing it to a valuable list of “to do” recommendations

Great for developing a story framework for the customer, investors, or your team 

Board preparation and new story training, CEO planning, GTM planning, story creation, sales training, self empowerment  

Great for co-working with you and your team on your new strategy - go-to-market and investor fundraising - including process and action items.


20-minute session


1 Session (up to 1.5hrs)

 $300 +VAT


3 Sessions

$850 +VAT


Full day

$1,750 +VAT 


7 sessions

$1,850 +VAT


My promise to you 

The valuable investment of time and energy

Full value for entrepreneurs` money 

No value gained? Money back guarantee!   


Book your online strategic consulting sessions with me here 

What I typically work on with startup founders?

  1. Due diligence on your story to customers 

  2. Due diligence on your story to investors 

  3. Highlight and focus on strategic areas of value creation  

  4. Decision making and prioritization 

  5. Creative thinking and shared inspiration 

  6. Refreshed branding 

  7. New product ideation 

  8. Develop a new, cross-company, can-do mindset

  9. Create a vision of the future you want

  10. Mental habits and practices to promote leadership

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